iPhone Print Series ll, "Black and White #1", Archival Inkjet, 31 3/4" X 22", (Framed), 2016

iPhone Print Series ll, “Black and White #1″, Archival Inkjet, 31 3/4″ X 22”, (Framed), 2016

March 9 –April 9, 2016
Opening Reception: March 11, 5 – 8 PM
1570 Pacheco Street, Suite A1
Santa Fe, NM

Press Release:
High tech and spontaneous, the newest black and white drawings by artist Phillis ideal are created on her iPhone. Gestural and a little calligraphic, the presentation of “Urban Energy” literally flowed from the artist’s fingertips using the latest digital technology. ART NEWS Contributing Editor Ann Landi observes “They bring to mind Asian calligraphy and ink-wash drawings, though Ideal’s shapes and squiggles refer more to the contemporary idioms of cartoons and graffiti. What is remarkable is the range of effects achieved on a tiny cell-phone screen, from snaking lines that look like they should have been made with a sweep of the arm to subtle tones that range from pale gray to blackest black.”

“Phillis’ process and methodology has always been very impressive,” says gallery co-director David Eichholtz. “Yet this new series is particularly fascinating in its use of technology while still maintaining that hand-made quality.

Review: [PDF]