“Blue Borrowed”, Acrylic, Collage, Spray Paint, Resin on Canvas, 30″x40″, 2017


Curated by Rebecca DiGiovanna
Catalog and Three Year Travel Venue through International Art and Artist
Clara M. Eagle Gallery at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky, Fall of 2018
Ewing Gallery at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, November of 2018

Press Release:
Blurring Boundaries will first and foremost be a celebration and locus of recognition for the significant achievements of the female artists of AAA. The exhibition’s intention is to highlight the important role women have played in AAA’s inception and continuing expansion. The exhibition will include a sample of founding and past members’ work, but will be primarily composed of contemporary practicing artists who identify as female. Loosely organized around the idea of line and drawing, the exhibition traces the expressive history of mark-making as a central tenet of Abstraction. It seeks to explore the varied ways we map and manipulate the line through space. Organized in three iterations, it will begin with two-dimensional works such as paper, canvas, wood, etc., move to 3D form in sculpture, and finally flow into four-dimensional form with video, performance, and site-specific works. Line may serve as the main visual element of the work, or it may be considered conceptually or visually manifested in select portions.